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Relive fashion with our Floating Bags, geometries that you will wear with style.

The Floating Bags are true “sculpture-bags”, inspired by fluid architecture. Thanks to the weaving of continuous raised lines, your bag will have a unique 3D effect with a play of chiaroscuro.

Made entirely of vegetable-tanned leathers and rigorously handcrafted, our bags come in a series of monochromatic variations that enhance the material texture of the bags.

From classic colors like black and white, to bolder ones like fuchsia and orange, Floating Bags are the perfect accessory to stand out. They are extremely versatile and can be paired with your everyday look.

Available in 4 variations: the City Bag, the Clutch, the Pouch, and the Mini Pouch, all with the style and quality that only Femea Milano can offer. We’ll deliver after 14 days from the order.

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